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Freshco Foodservice Inc. is a family owned and operated business committed to bringing the freshest quality products on the market to our customers at the best possible price. We believe strong relationships and stable buying habits help to insure this happens. Your business is very important to our business!

Large companies tend to turn produce into a Canned Commodity, they just give you the next box off the top of the pallet from a huge inventory. Freshco recognizes that each one of our customer's needs is different. We do not use a private label or use a one label fits all mentality. Your company's needs come first therefore; we source three or four labels on several items to meet individual customer needs. We are able to do this because we personally select all of the produce we purchase.

At Freshco, we hand select every box of produce and strive to always have the highest quality available. With our hands on process we may be higher in up front cost than some of our competitors but because of this extra step we take you will also yield more product for the money, have little to no waste and keep your overall food costs down.

So GET FRESH! Get with Freshco and be assured you will get the very best product on the market!

Thank You,
Chris Kathrens


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